Libya, Libya where fore are thou?

do We believe in America and what they say. do we want a new devil in the old devil’s place. why do we support the new Libya rebels and not Iran’s. why do those on the right shout 14 days ago to defend the rebels and now shout to stop defending the new devil? why do those on the left shout stay away 14 days ago, cheer a coalition supported by France and England, but not by the American people?

None of the leaders in Libya are friend or allies of the west. France and England have a strategic need, because of the oil and gas supplies for there economy. America has allies in France and England, but is no friend to Libya.

Do we still believe in America? I can not say for sure any more, We used to be proud on what we did, We used to pick up a big stick and hit enemies, without worrying what anyone, even in America said about the stick.  


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