Interesting Week

Well it has been an interesting week, with Usama Bin Laden Dead and Barak Obama lying a reef at ground zero to remember the death.

I find it quite strange that President Obama would not lay a reef at the anniversary of September11th, but lay a reef when the person that America proposes masterminded the whole deed is dead.

Is this to honor Usama and the deed he did, or to honor the fallen that the plot killed? Did the President lay a reef at Arlington when Saddam Hussain died, to honor those in the military who had fallen? Are these two different because those who say America should not bully, and are now asking to take down Muammar Gaddafi?

Where are we in time when the wolves are at our gates and we can only defend them? Is this Rome? Are the dark ages here, soon to consume us, because of a ration of soup is more important then a ration of the spirit?


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