We are the 53%, those in America, still in our jobs, in our homes,  and making our payments to our bill collectors. We pay what is asked us, not asking for anymore then what we paid for. We work at jobs that we may not always enjoy or want to always go to. We pays for the things that we buy and don’t buy anymore then what we could afford. We live in homes that are now sometimes cheaper then we can bought them for, yet still stay in them.

We are becoming tired of watching those with bad legs get disability, yet jog everywhere. Tired of watching people with twelve children ask why we are not doing or giving more. Tired of those who could not afford there home, stay in those homes with a cheaper mortgage and a cheaper price. We are just getting that the left took over the 99% and are asking the 1% to pay more for them. Just so tired of the tea-party getting taken over by the right who refuse to here we don’t want to pay anymore for city managers who make more then what the houses are worth in those cities.

We the 53% should get together throw out the left and the right. Stop paying for more government that does less for us then they do for themselves.


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